Tiny Web Directory is a manually reviewed website directory to include quality websites for the public.  You can submit a website to be included as a free listing or as a premium paid listing to get more exposure through top page listings and promotion on social networks.

Note: Only Home Page Links Accepted on Free Listings.

Web directories can give all the information a visitor needs because they are organized in categories ranging from education, shopping, health, sports, recreation, finance and many others, all in one place.

When the internet first came about, web directories were the main categorized sources of information.  The most reputable directory, DMOZ, was shut down in March 2017, following Yahoo’s Directory. However, there are still online web directory sites worth adding your business info to.

Choosing Google Compliant Web Directories

Google tends to favor web directories that list high quality websites, especially ones that meet there own standard web development practices.  Most of these directories will have strict guidelines to be approved and published. When looking for a reliable Google compliant web directory, there are some things to keep in mind.

Look for These Directories…

  • Always pick quality over everything else. This helps filter out and determine the proficiency of a web directory and their level of editorial discretion.
  • Go for a web directory that rejects some submissions. Once again, the editorial discretion of a website will tell you a lot about their general standards.
  • Use online tools and plug-ins to measure the quality of various directories. The MOZ bar is by far the best and is available as an add-on on both Chrome and Mozilla browsers.

Stay Away from the Bad…

  • Do not go for a web directory simply because it is old or free. Their age does not necessarily vouch for their worthiness or legitimacy for that fact.
  • Stay away from directories that allow the use of superlatives and marketing or promotional text. These include “best”, “leading”, “number one” etc. Objective content and a high editorial discretion is often the mark of a good web directory.