Does Bed Bug Powder Work?

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Bed Bug Infestation

Are you having a hard time sleeping because of critters and bugs on your mattress or beds?  Then, why not try a unique solution, like a bed bug powder? Most homeowners use it due to its effectiveness in getting rid of bugs.  Unlike bug sprays, the bug powder can be applied in any surface of the beds that have bugs.

For you to kill bugs, you need to spray the pests directly. It sounds reasonable, but bugs are clever pests. These bugs can hide on electrical outlets, crevices or cracks. Thus, it would be difficult for you to kill the pests with a bug spray. Also, scientific studies also show that bed bugs are resistant to bug sprays. Why? It’s due to the waxy coating that makes it hard for the sprays to kill the bugs.

Don’t worry! The bed bug powder assures you that bed bugs don’t have a place in your home.  Here are a few of the effective ways it can kill bugs:

The Powder Can Be Applied to Any DIY Projects

You have fast and effective results in killing bugs. How? The bug powder can be applied to powder pistols and applicators. You can improvise killing pests by injecting the powder to crevices or cracks where bugs hide. Don’t be afraid of using the powder pistols into the electrical outlets.

Why? The powder can’t damage the electrical circuits of the outlet. But, the bugs inside the outlet can suffer the consequence brought by the powder.

The Bug Powder Can Be Applied in Beddings or Even Couch Legs

Bugs often hide on beddings or crawl to couch legs to secure a hiding place.  You don’t have any problem with that. You can spread the bed bug powder in these areas and prevent bug spread. You can make sure that no more bags would hide under the couch or beddings. Also, you have to take note that you can easily apply it anytime. So, you can expect excellent results.

The Bug Powder Penetrates the Bug’s Exoskeleton

If bugs can resist the sprays, they can’t avoid the bug powder. It can penetrate the exoskeleton of the bug and absorb its lipids. In this way, the powder dehydrates the insects. It offers a sure way of getting rid of the bugs fast.  Thus, you don’t have trouble killing bugs that are hiding inside cracks or electrical outlets.

Lasting Effect

Don’t worry about bug problems for months! The bed bug powder can last 6 to 8 months that assures you’re safe from bug problem for a longer time. You can easily apply it inside cracks, and you’re home is bug-free.

Every home needs to be bug-free so you can use the bed bug powder in the market.  The bug powder is the best solution you can use in killing bugs. It proves its effectiveness by terminating bugs that are hiding inside crevices or cracks. The bug powder has no side effects so you would be comfortable in using it at home.  For sure, you have the assurance of making your home bug free in no time thanks to the reliable bug powder.

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