Where to Buy Beams and Large Timbers

If you’re acquiring your own material for a construction job, you need to know where to source your material for top quality and affordable pricing. In the North Texas area, you have some excellent choices. But they don’t all offer the same inventory, so who you buy from may depend on what your project calls for. 

Here are a few suppliers who promise choice materials:

Texas Architectural Timbers

This company offers a beautiful variety of both modern and antique wood to choose from for your projects, both indoor and outdoor. Texas Architectural Timbers offers both Eastern and Western timber, tailoring the treatment of each species according to optimal aesthetics. A few examples of their craftsmanship:

  • Eastern White Pine with “borate pressure treatment,” to increase its resistance to both fungus and insect- related damage.
  • Eastern Douglas Fir that’s circular sawn and wire brushed, to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. 
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar that is naturally rot-resistant, available in both smooth and rough-sawn finishing. 
  • Western Red Cedar that is naturally weather resistant, offering a lovely deep hue for outdoor projects involving exposed wood. 

LRJ Lumber

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company, located in Dallas, Tx, boasts “one of the most comprehensive timber inventories east of the Rocky Mountains.” They offer a variety of lengths, widths, and species to choose from. Here are the wood types they specialize in:

  • Red Western Cedar is known for its durability and weather resistance. This is a common material used for storage areas, due to its ability to protect your belongings from the elements. 
  • Douglas Fir is abundantly available, and it is renowned for its strength and versatility as a building material. RLJ promises large dimensions and smooth grains in their Douglas Fir timbers. 
  • Redwood provides resistance to both rain and sun, with its durable fiber and deep coloring. These features make it a longstanding favorite for outdoor projects. 
  • Cypress is a naturally oily wood, making it uniquely resistant to rot. With various hues of bright gold, it is gaining popularity as material for indoor projects involving exposed wood, such as open ceilings with wooden trusses along the ceiling. 
  • Ipe, or Brazilian Walnut, boasts a nutty hue that ranges from light brown to a deeper cherrywood tint. Attractive, strong, and resilient, it has gained popularity for both indoor and outdoor construction.

Richardson Timbers

The pros at Richardson have been in the business for 70 years, offering both quality and experience. They offer custom sizing, and can even provide a mix of materials in a single order for customers who prefer a rustic variation in their floors or wall panels. Here are a few products they offer:

  • Douglas Fir is featured once again, for its durability, warm coloring,  and attractive grains.
  • Western Red Cedar remains a fantastic choice for outdoor projects or storage spaces, due to its natural weather resistance. 
  • Kiln Dried Douglas Fir is favored for its strength, making it a solid building material for large construction projects.  

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Elmwood specializes in repurposing wood beams that were used in previous construction projects. While this material isn’t optimal for large construction, it’s an attractive and eco-friendly choice for small projects like fireplace mantles and wooden decks. A few fun options:

  • Hand Hewn Wooden Beams offer a primitive aesthetic, with the original axe marks still visible from when they were first fashioned into viable chords of wood. 
  • Rough Sawn Beams are equally unrefined, still bearing the teeth marks from their first venture into the wood mills.
  • Re-Sawn and Faux Box Beams have been refinished to provide a more modern appearance, but they still boast the eco-smart feature of repurposed material.  

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